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About Me

I’m a software developer and consultant. Currently working at Future Processing, Gliwice, Poland.

I’m interested in practices and methodologies that make our work more valuable for the business. In my opinion Scrum and eXtreme Programming practices are usually good for us, however above all I value and promote pragmatism. I always try to find golden mean somewhere between what dogmatists and skeptics say.

When asked about technologies, I say I'm full stack developer and aspiring architect. Would like to call myself polyglot programmer, however I'm still far from it. I'm proficient with C#, .NET and modern web development. When possible I‘m extend my skillset and mindset playing with staff like cloud computing, dynamic languages or functional programming paradigm.

I like talk with people, both business and other developers. Maybe for this reason I’m active in developers’ community. I’m coorganizer of Silesia Software Craftsmanship and Gliwice Software BarCamp. You may also meet me speaking or listening at various conferences for developers, mostly in poland but abroad too.

Talks & Trainings

Ultimate way of learning is teaching. For this and other reasons I regularly share my knowledge. Find out list of my talks and trainings below. Where possible I’m providing video, slides or other materials.

Be aware that most of materials and videos are in Polish.

Contact Me

If you have any feedback regarding anything I'm doing or you just have questions please contact me:

From time to time I publish posts at
Future Processing Technical Blog

Or tweet about some news

When there is piece of code worth publishing, I put it here